Embassy in South Africa

Argentine Day - Johannesburg

As part of  the Argentine Embassy's commercial strategy, on the 26th of September with the collaboration of Emperor's Palace Hotel we celebrated the second Argentine Day in the city of Johannesburg. The event took place at the Aurelia restaurant, where an Argentine gastronomy menu fused with South African flavours was specially designed and presented to complement each Argentine wine that was offered that evening.

The Head of Mission, Ambassador Alberto D'Alotto, hosted the event and emphasised the promotion of the Argentine products as well the promotion of tourism and cultural activities. 

Argentine products sent by Argentine companies, through the ProCórdoba Agency, were included in the menu such as pasta, mushrooms and different speciality salts. Furthermore five Argentine wines were presented, of which none are in the South African market at the moment, from 5 different Argentine wineries located in different winemaking regions of the country. This was an opportunity to introduce them to the local market.

The following is a list of all the companies and wineries that participated in the event:

- Bianchi
- Rutini
- Escorihuela Gascón
- Fin del Mundo
- Aniello
- Dulcor
- Hongos y funghi
- Makarona
- Molé
- Nutrip
- ValorA

Amongst the attendees there were importers, distributors and restaurant owners that are well known in the South African market, creating possible opportunities for the entry of our wines to the local market. The general public also attended the event as well as local press specialized in gourmet products.

In addition, there was a ballroom and contemporary tango show by two couples. It was an excellent opportunity to promote all the winemaking regions of our country and its gastronomy. A sommelier was able to discuss and highlight the distinct notes and qualities of each of the Argentine wines.

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