Embassy in South Africa

Ambassador D'Alotto met with young Argentine innovators from Chill It, who invented a machine that cools drinks in 30 seconds

January 30, 2020 - Ambassador Alberto D'Alotto met with the five entrepreneurs, aged 24 to 31, who created a "cooling microwave." The prototype created by the Chill it company is the end result of an idea that started in the university. Marcos Condomí Alcorta, Nicolas Kolliker Frers and Santiago Schmidt studied Business Administration at CEMA University when they were assigned the task of thinking of an innovative product and its corresponding business plan. Later on they were joined by electronic engineers Luciano Cismondi and Pablo Di Lorenzo who assisted them with coming up with prototype.

This development allows, thanks to artificial intelligence, that a can of beer that enters the machine at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C, for example, came out in 30 seconds at 3 ° C. It allows you to choose the desired final temperature and can also detect, by means of a barcode reader, the beverages brand. Thus, it can be programmed to cool any specific products, making it an opportunity for companies that acquire the technology.

The developers of the brand "Chill it" travelled to South Africa to explore the possibilities of trading the property rights of its product.

The Argentine Embassy highlighted the innovative character of the proposal and offered all its support to the argentine businessmen




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