Embassy in South Africa


General Tasks


The Defence Attaché ´s Office, part of the Diplomatic Mission in South Africa, depends directly from the Argentine Ambassador, assisting him in all prevailing aspects of the Defence and Armed Forces policies.


The Defence, Naval, Military and Air Attaché is the representative of the Minister of Defence and of the Chiefs of the General Staff of the Argentine Armed Forces in the Republic of South Africa and in those countries where his appointment as such, was approved.


The main activity is to advise about the technical-military aspects to the Argentine Ambassador in South Africa or to the Argentinean Ambassadors in those countries where he is accredited. He also informs the officials of the Diplomatic Mission about the activities, which he is in charge of, that are carried out as well as those he performs as member of the Diplomatic Mission.


As part of the main tasks he assists the Military Argentinean Missions in the country where he is accredited and where he carries out his activities in the area of his competence, to the Argentine Armed Forces personnel that carry out exchange courses, visit of units, work related to peace mission operations and to the military personnel carrying official tasks and who are in transit in the country of representation.


He has to maintain and increase the defence and military bilateral relations in these countries, liaise with authorities, organizations and forces about aspects of his competence.


In the same way the Defence Attaché is able to inform about Argentinean Defence Industries in order to explore the possibilities of links with South Africa and the countries where he is accredited as regards exchange, joint co-operation and investigation.



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