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The tango is an emblem of Argentina and its capital and it started mainly in Buenos Aires at the end of the 19th century. Today it is a true sign of the identity of the Argentine people and its popularity has grown throughout the country. Carlos Gardel is the world's greatest exponent of tango and he lived a great part of his life in Buenos Aires.

Some songs and dances:

Por una cabeza - Carlos Gardel

Caminito - Carlos Gardel

Roberto Herrera y Silvana Capre Dance

Leyla Antunez y Emmanuel Marin Dance

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In the inland of Argentina popular folklore is expressed through numerous rhythms and dances styles such as gato, chamamé, zamba, malambo and chacarera, among others.

Some songs and dances:

Zamba para Olvidarte - Mercedes Sosa (con Diego Torres y Facundo Ramirez)

Zamba de mi Esperanza - Los Chalchaleros

Chacarera del Olvido - Chaqueño Palavecino

Chamame de Hilda y Martín García

Gato Dance

Gato Songs

Malambo Dance



  • Pato 

The Argentinean autochthonous sport is "el Pato". This is a horse competition invented by the "gauchos" in which there are two teams that have to put a ball with handles inside a hoop.



  • Football 

It is one of the Argentines' main passions. Statistics say that nine out of ten people in Argentina claim to be followers of one team. The Argentines won two World Cups and 14 American Cups and their selection is one of the most awarded in the world.




  • Asado

The Argentine gastronomy uses beef as their main ingredient. It is one of the countries where more meat is consumed in the world. The "asado" (braai or barbecue) consists of a variety of meat cuts roasted on coal. The houses usually have their own grill to be able to make the "asado" which is generally a friendship and family ritual.


  • Empanadas


  • Locro


  • Milanesa


  • Picadas


  • Alfajores


  • Dulce de Leche


  • Mate


  • Malbec Wine


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