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Argentina offers a certificate which is internationally acknowledged: CELU, Certificate of Spanish: Language and Use. CELU is a proficiency test of Spanish as a foreign language. It can be taken by any foreigner whose mother tongue is not Spanish and who wants to prove his or her ability to use Spanish as a second language in working and academic contexts. The CELU examination is officially acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina.


The CELU certificate has been officially recognized and approved by the Ministries of Education and of Foreign Affairs of Argentina. This certificate is granted by the Interuniversity Consortium for the Teaching and Testing of Spanish as a Second and Foreign Language, integrated by more than two-thirds of the Argentine National Universities. At the international level, there are mutual recognition agreements among the Brazilian, Chinese and Italian governments.

CELU certificates may be presented as proof of the level of proficiency in Spanish necessary to take a course in academic institutions or to work in private and public companies.
CELU examinations evaluate adequate use of the language, they do not assess the candidate’s teaching competence. Thus, by no means do these examinations certify that candidates can teach Spanish as a second and foreign language.

The CELU certificate carries the candidate’s name, identity card number and nationality details, the date of the exam, the level achieved (Intermediate or Advanced) and a distinction among three assessment degrees in each level (Good, Very Good, Excellent).

In the same certificate, a description of the two levels of language use and their equivalence to levels recognized in other countries is presented as well.

Language users at the Intermediate level can speak and write in Spanish quite fluently and naturally, in simple family, working and social environments. They may lack accuracy when facing unknown situations or when having to express subtleties of meaning. They manage to communicate in working as well as academic contexts.
Intermediate Comparable to Levels CEFR B2 / ACTFL Advanced Low

Language users at the Advanced level can speak and write in Spanish with ease and spontaneity in a wide range of social situations. They can use the language appropriately in working as well as academic contexts. 
Advanced  Comparable to Levels CEFR C1 / ACTFL Superior 

The certificate has no expiration date.


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