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Expatriate Staff Visa

Updated date: 12/09/2017


How to apply?

Applications and documents will have to be submitted in person the date of the visa interview at the Consular Office of the Argentine Republic in the place of residence of the foreign national. The visa department will hold visa interviews from Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 13h30. The Consulate will be closed on  Argentinean and South African holidays.

Visa inquiries and appointments MUST be requested and scheduled through the following email address arconsa@embassyofargentina.co.za or calling Tel: +27 (0)11 783 3307/9032.

The Consulate strongly encourages applicants to apply at least 30 days in advance of their proposed journey.

Once all the documentation is submitted, the processing of the application generally takes 10 working days. Please note that a longer processing period (up to three or four weeks) may be required depending on the nationality of the applicant and the purpose of the trip.

Requirements (an original and a copy)

  1. Passport valid for at least six (6) months at the time of entering Argentina, with at least two (2) blank pages
  2. Two (2) current 4 x 4 cm photographs, facing the camera, printed in colour, on a white background

  3. Visa application form filled out (preferably in electronic format) and signed by the applicant

  4. Proof of habitual residence within the jurisdiction of the Consulate (such as a utility bill or other document that serves as proof)
  5. An apostilled or legalized certificate of good conduct issued by the competent authority of the countries where they resided for more than one year over the previous three years

  6. Commitment to tell the truth or Sworn Affidavit of their lack of a criminal record in other countries, signed before the consul

  7. Copy of the employment contract or incumbency certificate issued by the company abroad (letter with company letterhead including position, years of service, monthly remuneration and contact information)
  8. Certificate issued by the subsidiary or host entity in the Argentine Republic, including the company's registration number with the National Registry of Petitioners on behalf of Foreign Applicants of Argentina (RENURE), the reason for the transfer, the duration of the stay in Argentina, monthly payment and contact person. If the host is not registered with RENURE, please call (54-11) 4317-0200/0303/0337 to complete the registration

  9. Payment of migration fee

  10. Payment of consular fee: 250 US dollars or euros, depending on the Consular Office where the application is filed. The fee must be paid in the local currency of the Consular Office
  11. Consular interview


- Please note that Consular authorities may require supplementary or additional documents where deemed necessary.

- Please note that we take no responsibility on the handling of travel documents. It is the responsibility of the applicants to deliver and collect their own passports.


National Immigration Office / DNM

  • Physical address: Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 or Hipólito Irigoyen 952 – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday from 07h30 to 13h30
  • Postal Address: Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 – C1104ACA – Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • Telephone numbers: +54 11 4317 0234 or 0235 or 0236 or 0237 or 0238
  • E-mail address: info@migraciones.gov.ar
  • Website: www.mininterior.gov.ar/migraciones


Consulate General

  • Address: 9 Fredman Towers, 13 Fredman Drive, Sandton-Johannesburg, 2146, Republic of South Africa
  • Tel: +27 (0) 11 783 3307 / +27 (0) 11 783 9032
  • Fax: +27 (0) 11 784 6408
  •  E-mail: arconsa@embassyofargentina.co.za
  • SKYPE: consargensa

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