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"Operation Peter Pan: Flying back to Cuba"

On Friday the 28th of February 2014 the screening of the Documentary ¨Operation Peter Pan: Flying back to Cuba ¨ by the Director and writer Estela Bravo took place at the Argentine Residence as a joint invitation between the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic and the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in honour of the Director who was visiting South Africa.  The screening was attended by 70 guests from South Africa and the Diplomatic Corps.

The documentary told the story of many Cuban parents that had expected to follow their children to the United States, who had been granted visa waivers by the US Government, but in 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis terminated as well the flights between the two countries resulting in the children finding themselves stranded in the US. In 2009, for the first time a group of the Peter Pan children now adults visited Cuba to explore their past and help bridge the strong emotional and political divides between the two nations.

The screening proved to be successful as question and answer round followed during which many people expressed their feelings about the film and during which Director Estela Bravo had an opportunity to inform the audience on how the documentary was done and how it came to be.

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